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As a track and field athlete, there is urdu news that you will want to keep up to date on. Aside from the results of each event, having a good reference allows you to get athlete profiles. For an athlete, being able to retrieve profiles of your opponents, gives you a better idea on their abilities as competitors.
If you are an athlete, results are not your primary concern. Resources for new equipments that will help you enhance your performance should interest you. The more popular equipment for most athletes is shoes. With the influence of technology in the shoe industry, there are many shoes that are manufactured to help enhance your performance. Spikes have been added to running shoes to increase traction. There are those where the spikes can be removed, so you can still wear the shoes outside of the competition. There are shoes that provide a bounce back cushioning for better propulsion ,specifically manufactured for the hurdle events. Shoes that provide increased shock attenuation to enhance jump performance are important if you are involved in pole vaulting, long jumping or triple jump events. Something that gives you a centrifugal flex groove to increase your flexibility without interfering with your spin is best for your throwing. Aside from the new models of shoes available, you’ll want to know which ones give the best performance while providing the most comfort.
Performance enhancements are not limited to shoes. Urdu news regarding new technology and equipment is also very important. Motion Capture is something that has recently been incorporated into sports including track and field. With the use of this technology your form and movements can be monitored, and experts can advice on how you can modify your performance during competitions.

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